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Security Screens provide superior protection and security for all of the windows at your home or business. Once installed, you will have protection from storms, winds and glass breakage from wind-borne debris. The screens also repel bugs and other flying debris, but this isn’t just your average bug screen. They also offer serious security from intruders and protection from all of the elements that may breach your windows. Have peace-of-mind 24/7 every day of the year! Screen frames come in two colors – white and bronze – or you may choose Mesh which comes in black. Sunlight, ventilation and light breezes are all still possible when you have our security screens installed. Our Security screen offerings may be the perfect option for you as long as the max size of the window is 61” x 144” and no two dimensions exceed 61”. Your screens will be custom built in almost any shape to fit perfectly. The security screen frame mounts on the trim over and around the existing window, fastening into the building’s structure. Our professional representatives will consult with you at your home or office and help choose the options that are right for you.

Additional benefits / features / options of the StormSafe® Screen: • Provides both protection and ease of exit • Offers hinged screen option with a panic bar along one side for emergency exit • Blends with existing architecture by design, placed over existing trim or brick molding • Reduces UV Rays up to 60% to prevent fading • Shades from the sun up to about 22% without compromising views and still allowing natural light to shine through • Reduces heat load and enables secure ventilation

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