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Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters provides custom commercial security shutter, gate, screen and awning installations for all types of businesses. Retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, pharmacies, boutique shops, office buildings and more benefit from our storm protection and security solutions. Our featured products have been helping to protect, secure and beautify businesses across Eastern North Carolina for years. Along Coastal NC, Bahama Shutters are extremely popular, as well as Roll Shutters and Hurricane Screens. There are so many options to choose from and all of our solutions add value and enhance the look of your business. We start you off with a consultation to determine your needs, and work with you to come up with a solution to secure and protect your business. Whether security shutters, storm proofing or sun protection is your top priority, we’ll help you identify the the perfect solution working within your budget. Commercial Shutters, Security Gates, Patio Screens, Business Awnings, and more, we have you covered!

  • Deploy a powerful security barrier to protect your valuable property and assets with Rolling Shutters, Gates or Bahamas.

  • Add a tropical look with Bahama Shutters that allow the cool ocean breeze when open, as well as storm protection when closed

  • Decrease the chances of theft, intruders and vandalism with commercial shutters that fit your budget.

  • Shield against storms, including hurricanes with high impact commercial shutters to safeguard your business.

  • Get commercial shutters to enhance your business appearance and curb appeal.

  • Choose from multiple vision profiles depending on your preference – full vision, solid, mesh, gates and more.

  • Control temperatures and blaring sun with options that you can leave closed or open as necessary.

  • Add awnings to your business doors and windows to keep your business cool from blaring sun and customers dry during a rainstorm.

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