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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Emerald Isle Hurricane Shutters Homeowners and business owners in Emerald Isle, NC know the very real need of protecting your home during a hurricane. Emerald Isle is located in a very vulnerable area of the Atlantic Ocean, and this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hurricane outlook indicates an above-normal Atlantic Season. As hurricanes press upon Eastern NC, whether they are coming from the south or from the east, Emerald Isle, NC is in a location where it has the potential to be affected. Persons that own a home or business in Emerald Isle must take hurricane preparedness very seriously. The 2018 hurricane season officially starts on June 1, and time is of the essence. Homeowners and business owners in Emerald Isle need to start preparing their home and businesses now. Once a hurricane is out there in the Atlantic Ocean and heading towards Emerald Isle or Eastern NC, your home and/or business already needs to be protected with hurricane shutters and have their hurricane protection plan in place. One simple way to protect your home and/or your business is to have professional hurricane panel protection already in place. Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters is a premiere dealer of many different types of protections for your home or business. Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters offers many hurricane shutter options to protect your home and windows from flying debris during a hurricane or tropical storm.

Hurricane Shutters Emerald Isle
Atlantic Breeszer Storm Shutters
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