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Fenetex Retractable Screens offered at Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Fenetex Retractable Screens offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects on extruded, fabricated and cast aluminum components, proprietary components, and the welded seams on screens. Lifetime means as long as the system or compatible systems are in production and parts are available.

Motors & Motor Operators and Other Components

Fenetex offers a 5-year warranty on all Fenetex Smart Motors and operators. Somfy offers a 5- year warranty on their motors and operators. Fenetex Inc. offers a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all non-electronic and non-proprietary components.

Paint Finish

Fenetex offers a 5-year warranty on all standard paint finishes when installed more than 1 mile from a coastline. Fenetex offers a 3-year warranty on all standard paint finishes when installed less than 1 mile from a coastline. Custom paint finishes are excluded from this warranty. Paint finish is considered a warranty item when more than 20% of the total painted area is affected.


Fenetex offers a 5-year UV stable warranty on all standard insect and shade fabrics, and a 3-year UV stable warranty on clear vinyl. Hurricane fabrics carry a 10-year UV stable manufacturer’s warranty. UV stability warranty protects against significant loss of strength, discoloration or a screen becoming unserviceable due to UV exposure. Some fabrics will be warranted by their manufacturer for up to 10 years.


Components that have incurred damage that, at Fenetex’s sole discretion, has been deemed to be not covered by the warranty can be returned to Fenetex for repair or replacement at reasonable costs. Any items returned for repair must be clean and dry to be processed in our machines. Soiled items will be discarded or returned at sender’s cost.

Disclaimers and Exclusions apply.

For more information, please visit WIND SCREENS (

Fenetex Retractable Screens sold at Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters in Morehead City

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