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Hurricane Protection Impacts Insurance Rates

Storm Shutters installed on your property can potentially help with insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts or reduced premiums for homes that have storm protection measures in place, including storm shutters. This is because storm shutters provide an added layer of protection for windows and doors, reducing the risk of damage to the property during severe weather events.

By installing storm shutters, you demonstrate to your insurance company that you have taken proactive steps to mitigate the potential damage caused by storms, such as hurricanes or high winds. This can result in lower insurance premiums or discounts on your policy. The amount of the discount or the extent of the reduction will vary depending on your insurance provider and the specific details of your policy.

To determine if you qualify for an insurance discount, it's recommended to contact your insurance company directly and inquire about any potential discounts for installing shutters. They will provide you with specific information on the discounts they offer, the requirements you need to meet, and any necessary documentation or verification process.

When discussing shutters with your insurance company, be prepared to provide details about the type of shutters you have installed, such as their material, durability, and whether they meet any specific building codes or standards. Insurance companies may have different requirements for the shutters to qualify for a discount, so it's essential to clarify any necessary specifications.

Remember that insurance discounts for shutters are just one of the factors to consider when installing them. The primary purpose of shutters is to protect your home and increase its resilience to potential hazards. The potential insurance discount is an additional benefit that can help offset the cost of the shutter installation over time.

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Storm Shutters Provide Insurance Discounts
Storm Shutters Provide Insurance Discounts

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