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Rollshutters Prevent Water Intrusion

Hurricane shutters are designed to provide protection against various elements during severe weather events, including hurricanes. While they are primarily intended to protect against strong winds, flying debris, and impact, they can also help reduce water intrusion to some extent.

The effectiveness of hurricane shutters in preventing water intrusion depends on their design, installation, and the severity of the storm. Here are ways in which hurricane shutters can contribute to preventing water intrusion:

  1. Impact Resistance: Hurricane shutters are often constructed from materials that are impact-resistant, helping to deflect debris and prevent it from breaking through the windows. This impact resistance can also help in preventing water from entering through shattered windows.

  2. Sealing and Closure: Well-designed hurricane shutters typically provide a tight seal when closed. This helps to create a barrier against wind-driven rain and prevents water from entering through the gaps around windows and doors.

  3. Coverage: Hurricane shutters cover windows and openings, reducing the direct exposure to wind and rain. This coverage helps protect the building envelope and can minimize the risk of water intrusion.

While hurricane shutters can be effective in preventing water intrusion, it's important to note that no system is entirely waterproof, especially in extreme weather conditions. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the optimal performance of hurricane shutters.

In addition to using hurricane shutters, homeowners in hurricane-prone areas may also implement other measures, such as reinforcing doors and windows, sealing potential entry points, and ensuring proper drainage around the property, to enhance overall storm protection.

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